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Citrix Cloud Admin Tool

Version 1.0.0 – Download Link

The Citrix Cloud Admin Tool allows you to perform some basic machine and session management functions for the Citrix Virtual Desktops and Apps Service in Citrix Cloud using PowerShell. The tool will generate the required PowerShell commands and execute them for you. This can allow you some level of management functionality should you be unable to access Citrix Studio.

System Requirements

Broker PowerShell Snap-In (For export function if remote SDK is not available)
XenApp and XenDesktop Remote PowerShell SDK (For export and import functions)
.Net Framework 4.5 or later
Newtonsoft.Json.dll (Included in download ZIP)
Secure Client CSV for Citrix Cloud (Required for import function. Details can be found here)

Add/Remove Customers

Click on this button to add or remove customers from the tool inventory. This allows you to maintain a list of all the customers ID’s that you are managing. This information is maintained in the Customers.json file that resides in the tool directory.

Tool Usage

Start by selecting your customer that you wish to connect to from the drop down list. Browse and select the corresponding secure client file and then click connect. The tool will read all the required information from the farm and display the information on each of the tabs. Right click on the displayed information to access the management options available to you for each type.

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