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Citrix Cloud Migration Tool

Version 1.0.0 – Download Link

The Citrix Cloud Migration Tool can be used to assist recreating your farm structure in Citrix Cloud. It will scan your current farm and record all information required to recreate your machine catalogs, delviery groups and hosting conenctions. This information is then exported to a JSON format and can be imported to a farm in Citrix Cloud.

System Requirements

Broker PowerShell Snap-In (For export function if remote SDK is not available)
XenApp and XenDesktop Remote PowerShell SDK (For export and import functions)
.Net Framework 4.5 or later
Newtonsoft.Json.dll (Included in download ZIP)
Secure Client CSV for Citrix Cloud (Required for import function. Details can be found here)

Export Function

  • After launching the tool, select the Export From On Premises option. The tool will validate that the required PowerShell snap-in is available.
  • If you are running the tool remotely, you enter your controller address and click Connect. If you are running it from the controller, you can just click connect.
  • The tool will validate that it can connect to the controller and will then automatically read all the catalog, delivery group and hosting connection information via PowerShell.
  • Once complete, you can check each section and just highlight specific information to export, or by default it will export all the information.
  • Click on Export and you will be prompted for a save location for the JSON file.
  • The export is complete.

Watch a demo of an export here.

Import Function

  • After launching the tool, select the Import To Citrix Cloud option. The tool will validate that the required PowerShell snap-in is available.
  • Enter the customer ID.
  • Browse and select the secure client CSV file that you will use to authenticate to Citrix Cloud.
  • Browse and select the JSON file that contains the farm information that you want to import.
  • Click Connect to validate your connection to Citrix Cloud.
  • Once the connection is validated, select your resource location from the drop down.
  • Select the management option for your delivery group, Citrix Cloud Managed or Self Managed via Studio.
  • Click import.
  • The tool will process the import.

Watch a demo of an import here.

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