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Citrix Policy Migration Tool

Version 1.0.0 – Download Link

The Citrix Policy Migration Tool can be used to export and import Citrix policies between farm, both On-Prem and in Citrix Cloud.

System Requirements

.Net Framework 4.5 or later
XenApp and XenDesktop Remote PowerShell SDK (For Citrix Cloud export and import functions)
Citrix Group Policy Management (For Citrix Cloud export and import functions)
CPMT.Citrix.GroupPolicy.Commands PowerShell Module (Include in download ZIP)
Newtonsoft.Json.dll (Included in download ZIP)
Secure Client CSV for Citrix Cloud (For Citrix Cloud export and import functions. Details can be found here)

Export Function

  • When the tool is launched, it will first validate that the required components are available.
  • Select if you are exporting from On-Prem or from Citrix Cloud.
  • On-Prem functions must be run from a controller in your farm. If you select On-Prem, the will check that you are on a controller.
  • Exports from Citrix Cloud can be done from any machine that had the required SDK installed.
  • If you have selected Citrix Cloud, you will need to give it your customer ID and pass in the secure client CSV file. Click Connect to validate that you are able to connect successfully to Citrix Cloud.
  • If you do not want to include the assignments for the polices in your export, you can check the Skip Policy Assignments checkbox.
  • Click on Read Policies to gather all the policy information. If you are exporting from Citrix Cloud, you will be prompted for your Citrix Cloud credentials. (Using the secure client CSV reduces the number of credential prompts. There are still sections of the code where authentication appears to be unavoidable.)
  • Once all policy information has been captured, you can select to export it to JSON.

Watch a demo of an export here.

Import Function

  • Most of same guidelines apply as the export function when selecting On-Prem or Citrix Cloud.
  • It is important to know though for Citrix Cloud imports that if you have policy assignments that are using users, network groups or OU’s, the tool must be run from a machine that is joined to the Active Directory of your resource location in Citrix Cloud, otherwise these will fail. All other import information should be successful from any machine that has the Citrix Cloud SDK installed.
  • If you do not want to include the assignments for the policies in your import, you can check the Skip Policy Assignments checkbox.
  • Click on Load JSON and select your JSON file.
  • Click on Import to start the process. The tool will first check that there are no existing policies in the farm. It will only import the policies if there is a blank policy set.
  • Once it has confirmed that there are no existing policies, it will proceed to import the policies.
  • IMPORTANT: After the import is complete, you should validate that all the information is correct. There are a lot of policies and I have not been able to test every one of them. Also, you need to check the order of the policies. Two policies can have the same priority and programmatically be the same. One can have a higher priority than the other when recreated. The only way right now is to confirm and set via the GUI if it needs to be corrected.

Watch a demo of an import here.

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